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When Quarreled What to Say to Your Boyfriend

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Establishing a relationship is not as easy as you see. You should mastering many things, especially understand better what to say to your boyfriend if you’re quarreling with him. Here are several things you can say to make the situation better.

  1. I Understand this Matter/Problem. So, (continue this word by your opinion).

Say these words calmly without raising your tone. Before starting your opinion, make sure that your opinion is aimed to end the boring quarrel.

  1. I am Sorry, I should not Do that/this, I should (continue these words by your opinion).

It’s better for you to start your opinion by saying sorry. Don’t forget to ask your boyfriend about his opinion, too. With this solution, both of you can face the problem you have.

  1. I Love You, so Let’s End this Silly Argument.

It’s also important to express your love. After that, you can start to ask him to stop or end the silly argument you have.

  1. You Tell Me that I don’t Understand You, but What Made Me Feel frustrated is because I’m Trying to Understand You. Please, Understand This Matter.

Tell your boyfriend that you have made a great effort to understand him and everything he wants. Also, tell him that both of you must understand this matter together.

  1. I Know that I made a Mistake. It Seems Like I Made You Upset, but It Doesn’t Mean that I’m Trying to Make You Angry or Upset. Let’s Face This Together.

So, what to say to your boyfriend if you’re quarreling with him? It must be hard for you to stop this silly argument. However, you must end this stupid fight, since it’s nothing. It’s just nothing. One thing you have to do is admitting your mistake, and then you have to ask your boyfriend to stop this problem.

  1. I See Your Point. I Completely See. Will You See My Point, Too? Just Try It.

Take a deep breath, and try to say everything calmly and clearly. Don’t raise your tone. Raising your tone is just worsening the situation. Try to be a calm person.

  1. I Think This is Useless and Wasting Our Time. Let’s Have a More Important Discussion about Our Future. Will You?

If your boyfriend gets upset because of a simple thing, just tell him that it’s not important. The most important thing is to think about your relationship in future.

  1. I Know that You’re Upset and I Made You Upset. Should I Let You Alone? I Will Let You Think Alone.

Say these words and hold his hand or look at his eyes calmly. Don’t blame your boyfriend. Don’t make an argument. Be nice and let him alone. Sometimes, a guy needs a “me time,” just like we, women.

Having an argument or fight with a boyfriend is something that we don’t want. However, a relationship isn’t complete without silly arguments as long as we can fix it. Say your love, and also say thank your boyfriend. Those two miraculous words can help you to fix the problem. We hope you don’t have any confusion about what to say to your boyfriend if you two are quarreling.

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