There are a few things to say to your boyfriend

Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

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You may not be able to show your love to your boyfriend in images, but at least you can still explain it in words. Your boyfriend does not need anything from you, but love that you can say it to him directly or through a short message. You can praise him with your words and let him miss you every single second. There are a few things to say to your boyfriend to make him flattered and feel happy. Read these following examples of cute words to say to him.

A Few Cute Things to say to your boyfriend

  1. “The world looks so beautiful, but I may not feel it if you are not there. So, please complete my life, and we can spend our days together while enjoying every single second to get intimacy”.
  2. “I hope that someday we will live together and die together and let us show our sincerely love to others.”
  3. “When the first time I saw you, my heart was beating, and I knew that that was my destiny given by the God and finally you are mine.”
  4. “Dear boyfriend, love is a life that always makes me breathe and feel happy every single day. Without you, I am breathless as if I have died for a thousand of years”.
  5. “If someone asks me about the most precious thing for me, then I will answer that you are the only precious one I will always have and hope. You are the only person who makes me happy every day and fulfills my heart sincerely”.

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Other Great Things to Say

  1. “I have no idea why I am so obsessed with you because you are like a drug to me that can make me feel so addicted and drunk.”
  2. “Here is the truth: I am not looking for a perfect guy, but I am looking for the best guy who can make me comfortable to live this life, and that’s how you are with me.”
  3. “I like the way you are, and I love everything about you. You are the only man whom I want to spend my days with, so please never leave me alone because I need you right now”.
  4. “I hope someday that you will be the first man who I see when I wake up in the morning, and you will be the last man who I see when I want to sleep at night.”
  5. “If someday I kneel before a woman other than you, that’s when I tie the laces of our daughter’s shoes.”
  6. “You are one reason why I always smile, and I hope you will never make me cry. Our love is sincere, and no one can replace your name in my heart”.
  7. “Come close my heart, and let us learn to give warmth to each other, without being a fire, give freshness, without being rain.”

Well, those are several things to say to your boyfriend to grow your love and make him smile. You can say it directly, or you just send a text message to him. He will feel impressed and flattered. He may also be replying your words with other nice and cute words.

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