Texts to Make Him Smile and Melting

Texts to Make Him Smile and Melting

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Make each other smile is a great relationship goal. There are many ways to make your boyfriend smile. For example is giving him a sweet gift or some texts to make him smile. You want to send him some sweet text, but you don’t get any idea? Here are several cute texts for your boyfriend.

5 Texts to Make Him Smile

#1. Good afternoon, Baby! Don’t forget to smile, don’t forget to miss me. Have a wonderful day.

Send this text message at his lunchtime. He will miss you after reading that text message.

#2. I have my lunch now, and I am thinking how wonderful my lunch if you were here. Miss you, my boy…

This message is also great to be sent at his lunchtime. This sweet message will make him glad and miss you.

#3. Hi, my boy! I just want to tell you that I love you very much.

Simple sweet text message sometimes can be the best message ever.

#4. How lucky I am! Today I woke up and realize that I have you. What a wonderful fact.

Girls, make your boyfriend glad and proud by sending this message.

#5. You are the right guy I need. Thank you for being here, my hero.

Guys will be glad if they can be your hero.

Next Texts to Make Him Glad

#1. Hi, handsome… How’s your day?

A simple and cute text message can brighten his day. And, this text is great way to tell him that you love him.

#2. Good morning… Where is my hero? I miss him. Where is my boy? I need him. Where is my love? I’m sure that he is reading my text message right now. Then, don’t forget to smile, Baby.

This message is cute, isn’t?

#3. I love you very much more than I love a bar of chocolate.

Girls, which one is better: your boyfriend or a bar of chocolate?

#4. Thanks for being here, for being my boyfriend, for sharing your love, and for sharing your warm hug.

Do you like his warm hug? Tell him!

#5. Hey, boy… Here I am, and I can’t stop this smile because I remembered how great our first date is.

Want to make him smile? You can try to send him texts to make him smile.

Other Great Texts

#1. My life is perfect for you within it.

Girls, guys will be glad if they know that they are perfecting your life.

#2. Do you want to know the best part of you? Your smile. Your smile is everything.

Do you want to make him smile, don’t you? Then, tell him that his smile is incredible.

#3. I can’t stop thinking about you. Thinking about you is a wonderful thing.

#4. I love you since the first time we met. I love you, dear.

#5. Do you know, baby? I’m here, and I am busy because of thinking you all the time. I miss you. When will we meet again?


Well, send this text message to your guy and see his reaction.

Those are several incredible texts to make him smile. You can make your boyfriend smile not only by buying him his favorite items, but you can also make him smile by sending simple and sweet texts like texts above.

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