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Sweet Texts for Him to Make Him Thrilled

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Love is a sacred thing that you have to keep because it may be broken when you cannot protect your love. Communication is the key to the success of your relationship. Sometimes, you need to say some sweet texts for him so that he does not feel bored when chatting with you. There are so many, cute and adorable texts that you can tell him or just send to him via message. If you need some inspiration, you probably can try these following examples of sweet texts for your boyfriend.

Some Examples of Sweet Texts for Him

  1. Living with you is not an option, but it is destiny. The God has sent you for me to live with me and protect me from danger. I am ready to be with you forever until God takes out life from this world. You are the most important person that I love, and I will not leave you because we will build our love story together.
  2. If tomorrow is my last day to live in this world, I will die by loving you. Without you, my death will be useless because you are the only person who can make me smile in my last seconds. So, please stay with me and live with me. We can build our love story together from the first time we met until we finally separate from each other.
  3. I know that love cannot be explained by words, but at least you know that I love you so much in my deepest heart. You will never know that your name is always in my heart and your face is still in my mind. I hope that you will ever stay with me forever despite there are so many obstacles that we have to face.

Other Examples of Cute Texts for Your Special One

  1. Do you doubt my love? Do you want to know how deep my love to you is? Let me tell you that you are the most important thing that I need to have on earth. I don’t t need other people but you. I only can live  with you on other planets as long as you are with me. Do you feel the same thing? I hope so.
  2. The time is ticking, and I only hope that every single second of my life is just with you. I do not want to lose. I am also thankful because my day seems so perfect when you are beside me. You are the best for me, and you are everything.
  3. If you ask me what I like about you, then I will tell you that I love everything about you. I like the way you are talking. I’m in love with the way you treat me.  I like the way you love me. Though you are a bad boy, it is not a big deal for me because I will be happy as long as you stay with me.

Anyway, those are several sweet texts for him that you can tell your boyfriend or you can send him a text message with those paragraphs. Now, you can try it, and you will know that your boyfriend will be missing you once he reads it.

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