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Learn Exactly How I Improved Questions to Ask a Girl In 2 Days

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Hey, how is your day my friends, still single? It is already 2018, you guys should not keep being single. If you guys confuse about looking for the right questions to ask a girl, you have come to the right place, because in this article I would like to give you some not boring or some different questions that will make any girl want to talk to you again and again.

If you want to get closer with a girl, you guys have to show that you are really interested with her, don’t use the same old questions for a girl that you like, because they will be bored easily with just that. Of course, you don’t want to make the girl that you like bored with you, right?

Some of these questions to ask a girl can also be used for questions to ask your girlfriend and also questions to ask a girl you like, but of course it is your own decision to choose which questions you want to use for the questions to ask girlfriend. You know it will be weird if you use the wrong question for your girlfriend, right?

But, you guys do not need to worry. I know that you guys are looking for some good questions to ask, right? The questions that I’m going to give to you guys it is a pretty interesting questions. It is also a good question to ask a girl. And some of them could be a deep questions to ask a girl.

So, I’m pretty sure that these questions to ask a girl will make the conversation between you and the girl you are talking with will be interesting. You guys can pick one of them, or you guys can even ask them all if you want to. I also add my own opinion about the questions to ask a girl that I made for you guys, and tips so that you can take the conversation directly into these questions.

But remember, for a good conversation you guys need to make your own follow up questions to show that you are really care and really want to know the answer of those questions to ask a girl that you ask to the girl. Let’s just get jump right into the questions, shall we?


Good Question to Ask a Girl

  1. Have you ever meet a stranger that had the biggest impact on your life?

I know it is not on of a common questions to ask a girl. But because of that this question will be interesting. If you ask this to a girl they will probably tell you a little bit story of her past. In this moment you need to listen to her carefully and add some follow up question to make the conversation even better. And maybe after that you can tell your own story in the past that will make here interested with you.


  1. Do you have any achievement that you are really proud with, but other people consider it weird?

Pretty interesting to ask, isn’t? Yup, by asking this to a girl. And if they do have the achievement you it will make her really happy by just asking this question. And with this question you can get to know her way better and find out what she likes, and if you ask question to your girlfriend. You can make a little competition with her, yes only you and her, doing something that she like. Of course, it will be a lot of fun, and you will be closer with her even more.


  1. Which era that has the best fashion style?

We all know that girls like fashion so much. This question can led into a long and interesting conversation because if you ask this question there will be a certain follow up question that you can ask again to the girl. You can ask their opinion why is the era that she choose is the best. And you can also give your own opinion to her. So, that both of you will share thought and that is pretty cool right?


  1. What are the things that will scare or creeps you out at the time you saw it?

This is actually a pretty fun question to ask, but it can also get a strong reaction. After asking this you can also ask again why did the thing scare her. Did she have any funny story behind it, or just because she dislike it. It is pretty fun right, and by asking this you can protect her in the future.


  1. How fast you make your own conclusion about people?

This is a good question to ask because you can find out about how she look at other people so that you can make your image good in front of her, and for the follow up question, you can ask her about what she thought about you the very first time you guys met, and what would make her think like that, pretty fun right?


Right Questions to Ask a Girl

Those all are pretty good questions, right? I know it is pretty to talk to a girl especially the girl that you like, but you guys have to be brave and face it like a real man, or you guys will regret it if another man trying to get close to the girl that you like.

So, man up and start to talk to the girl that you want to talk with, just enjoy the moment, relax and have fun. Try to make some joke too but don’t make it too much. So that she can get comfortable with you, and both of you will enjoy the moment of great conversation.

After all, who knows, she probably also want to talk to you too, but she is a shy type that can’t make the first step. So as a man, you are the one who have to make the first step.

I hope that the questions that I give to you guys above will be a great help. And can make you guys get closer even better with the girl that you like, or even your girlfriend. Don’t worry about little things like will she have fun with you or something like that. Just try your best and have fun.

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