paragraphs for her for better relationship

Paragraphs for Her for Better Relationship

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How much do you love your girlfriend? Somehow, girls need more attention from their boyfriends. They also love men who can say good words to them. There are so many nice paragraphs for her. You can say directly or you can just send her a text message. Maybe, you need some inspirations about what you have to say to her. Read these following examples of nice texts for your girlfriends to make her flattered and blushing.

Best Paragraphs for Her

#1. “The moon cannot shine without sun as it resembles my big love to you. You are the sun to me. I am your moon that you can only shine when you give you your light. I cannot live without you, My Dear. You are a part of my life that always makes me alive day and night”.

These sweet words will make your girlfriend flattered, and she will smile when reading this message.

#2. ”I will prove the Love Word that I have told you before. That’s why I am ready to live with you either in happiness and sadness. I am not a perfect man, but I am so thankful because I have you right now”.

This second paragraph for her will make her fall in love for the second time, and she notices that you are not playing around with her.

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#3. ”Someday, I will kneel down in front of a girl other than you, but you don’t need to be jealous. That is the time when I tie our daughter shoelace. Well, it is my life goal where we can live together to build our happy family for the best paradise.”

These words show that you are serious to have a relationship with her. Then, she will give her love to you until you both get married.

Other Best Paragraphs for Girlfriends

#1. ”Maybe, I cannot give you so many things. But, you can try to look at my eyes where you can see your names and my loves you there. This is how I prove that I love you and you are the only one girl in my heart.”

Using these words, you can seduce her and make her flatter and blush. Don’t waste your time. Just say those words or send her an SMS with this love paragraphs.

#2. ”Do you want to know how great my love to you is? Well, you can fly to the sky and find the wall of our universe. That is how big my love to you. You will not find it because my love is limitless and you do not need to doubt it”.

Those words are magical. Your girlfriend may cry because you show her that you love her without any limits.

Well, those are several cute paragraphs for her that you can say directly. You can also send her an SMS before she goes to bed. Most girls will like a man who likes sending some cute texts. Girlfriends expect that boyfriends’ words will come into her dream. However, those are not words but you have to prove it either.

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