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Fast Track Your Love Paragraphs

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Do you want to make your boyfriend/girlfriend melted and flattered? Maybe, you may try to say some love paragraphs for him/her which will make him melted. These belong to cute words that can make your relationship more harmonious than before. If you need some inspiration about what you have to say to your boyfriend/girlfriend, you can read these following ideas of love paragraphs.

Love Paragraphs for Her/Him

I know that my love is not as big as the moon, but you have to know that my love is immortal and will never die, even when the world ends. Do you feel the same, my sweetheart? I hope that you also love me as I do because our love will be very strong when we both do.

#1. I cannot show how much I love you, but I can still say it in words that I have a big love for you. I need you to be my protector who will always guard me and hug me when I am scared, and I will also do the same thing when you need me because I will be your side every single second.

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#2. My love to you is like a growing plant. We both have the fertilizer that can make our love grow better. As the time goes on, the love will become bigger until we make our sweet fruits and our love will be there forever.

#3. My heart is beating when you are beside me, my heart. I know that it is a love that the God has sent it to me. It is you my soul mate that the God has given to me. And you know what, I am really happy to have you now because you are the only person who can make my feeling calm and happy.

Other Great Words to Say

#4. When I first met you, your face was always in my mind until we both knew each other and then we got closer each other. Now, I can see your face every day with a big love inside my heart and your heart. Hopefully, you are my true love who will accompany me as long as I live until the death separates us.

#5. Though I have no idea how big your love to me is, trust me that my love to you is as wide as the ocean and as big as the mountain. Perhaps, you will never know it and realize it. These words are the way I tell you that I love you and show my big love to ”

#6. I always miss you when the night comes. I hope that you are here now because I cannot take it anymore. Do you miss me too? Now, you still cannot live together yet, but in the future, you will be mine who is always with me forever to build a happy family.

Well, those are several love paragraphs that you can say directly or you just send the words via SMS. Those words will magically make his heart feel happy and melted. If he loves you too, then he will also say the same as you do.

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