many cute things to texts your boyfriend

Cute Things to Texts Your Boyfriend

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Do you have a boyfriend who really needs your affection? Though you cannot give your affection to him every day, at least you can send him some cute texts to make him happy. There are so many cute things to texts your boyfriend to make him feel flattered, blushed, and loved. You may have no idea what to say to your boyfriend, so you need some inspiration. In this brief article, we would like to share with you some cute texts that you can send to your boyfriends.

Cute Things to Texts Your Boyfriend

  1. When the sun rises, I see your face on clear dew that hangs on leaves. At that time, I feel that I love you more than you do.
  2. Day by day, my love is growing for you and I feel afraid of losing you because you are the only person that I really want to live with. If you are here, I will always protect you and love you every time. If you belong to me, I will write my story with you.
  3. Although I am growing up now, I cannot live alone. That’s why I cannot live without you because you are the only person who can make me feel protected.
  4. I have never thought to hurt you now, tomorrow and later because you will always be in my heart, my sweetheart.
  5. As long as I still breathe and the heart is still beating, I will always love you and make you happy every time.
  6. Your face does not make me subdued. Your smile cannot make me brat. But, your sincerity to love me makes my heart to bow in your heart.

Other Great Things to Say

  1. There is nothing wrong if I love you. It’s because you make me know the meaning of love. I can feel the beauty and the peace, in a love story that will still continue, I will still love you.
  2. When you go somewhere and in the meantime, I can find you. It’s because when love has met each other, nothing can separate us, and you still remain my love.
  3. When we are far away, we are actually not far away because our heart is always close and my heart is in your heart.
  4. Though I know I’m just a small dreamer. Though I know I’m not good at reading a heart’s content, I’ll keep running and step into the light where you are standing.
  5. Whatever you are, you have completed my Life.
  6. I love you is not because you look as a perfect man, but it is because of your existence, which makes me feel perfect as a person.
  7. Before I knew you, my life looked normal and I was not so excited. However, since your name is written in my heart, I have become more alive. I have great hope to live thousand years more with you.

Finally, those are cute things to texts your boyfriend. It can make him miss you more make him feel flattered. Those words will show how big your love is. Then, he will love you forever until you live together someday.

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