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Cute Texts Messages for Him

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Do you always chat via SMS with your boyfriend? Sometimes. Your boyfriend will be bored because you still send the same messages every day such as “Have you eaten yet?”, “Be careful, My Dear” “What are you doing now?”, and much more common messages. That’s why you need to find some cute texts messages for him which can make him flattered and melted. What are the cutest texts messages for him that you can try? Read these following examples of excellent texts for your boyfriend.

Great Cute texts messages for him that Will Make Your Boyfriend Never Stop Love You

Love is blind, but sometimes your boyfriend feels indifferent with you. Thus, you need a magical word to make him love you more. So, you probably can send these texts to him, “If our time may stop, I hope we are still happy at that time. If the time must go, I hope that you will never forget me”.

Showing Your Crazy Love to Your Boy Friend

Some simple words can make your boyfriend miss you so much. But, if you do not show your crazy love to him, he may be feeling indifferent to you. Perhaps, you can try to send this cute text message for him, “there is nothing wrong because everything is true. Well, it is true that I love you, I am crazy about you, and I do not want to lose you”.

Feeling Perfect to Live with Him

Love has only one purpose in which you want to live with your soul mate forever. If you want your boyfriend to respect your love, you have to make him the only person that you need. Naturally, you can say these words to him,” Your love is a beauty, I never feel bored to see every second. Your love is my breath, and I want to live a thousand year more with you because your love makes my life perfect”.

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God Brings Us Together Forever

Maybe, the god brings you and your boyfriend together to live together forever. But, you need to show your feeling about it in words. Therefore, you may send this cute text message for him, “I know that it is the god’s destiny, you are created only for me, and you will never run away from me because I am your love.” Another option of the text you may send to him is “meeting with you is destiny, being your friend is my choice, but falling in love with you is beyond my capability.”

Feeling Lonely in the Morning

When you love him, and he is the only one you want, morning will be so lonely despite you wake up along with your family at home. Well, you still miss someday in your morning. So, you probably can send a text to him, ”Every morning I wake up, I always see my beloved family, but I feel that I miss something. Well, I finally notice that I miss you”.

Well, those are several cute texts messages for him that you may try to send if you want to make him love you more and more. It is also essential to make your relationship tasteful so he will not feel bored with you.

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