Send a cute text to send your boyfriend

Cute Text to Send Your Boyfriend

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Every boyfriend wants to be the luckiest boyfriend in the world, right? To make it happen, try to send some romantic messages to him. Take one cute text to send your boyfriend, and see what will happen. A miracle indeed will happen.

Cute Texts For Him

#1. Good morning, my honey… Thanks for being my sunshine, thanks for being my moon, and thanks for being my boy. I love you.

A sweet text message or chat in the morning will make your boyfriend melting. Show your love and express it by writing it in the text or chat.

#2. You know what? When I’m writing this message, I smile randomly, since I suddenly remember you, remember your smile, remember your warm hug, remember your kiss, and remember your love.

An unexpected message will be a great surprise. So, express your current feeling. It’s OK to write everything; even it’s silly or unimportant. This sentence is a different way of expressing love.

#3. Darling, I am proud of you. I feel this sense of pride since I know that you love me better than the other guys. I love you…

Sometimes, you have to make your boyfriend glad by saying that your boyfriend is better than the other guys outside.

#4. Hey, my boy… Why are you so handsome?

It’s OK to say that he’s handsome, has nice hair, etc.

#5. How lucky I am… You never failed to make me laugh and smile. Love you, Babe…

These sentences will be the witness of how great your boyfriend is. It’s a cute text to send your boyfriend.

#6. Do you know, Baby? I always dream of living with you, I always dream of wake up by your side every morning, and I always dream of having children, our children. I love you so much.

To show your love, you can express it by telling your boyfriend about your dream.

Cute Things To Text Your Boyfriend

#7. You are the best friend and best boyfriend of mine. I can’t imagine if I should live without you.

A boyfriend should be the best friend for you. So, it’s nice to tell your boyfriend how great he is.

#8. Before you’re going to bed this night, I want to be the last person who talks to you, even by text message/chat like this. May I? Good night, Baby…

A sweet text message or chat just right before you or your boyfriend are going to bed is a great idea to tell how much you love him.

#9. Love is blind. That’s true. I don’t know why I love you. I just know one thing: you are completing me. Love you, my Bae.

Your boyfriend will glad if he knows that he is completing you successfully.

#10. May I make you as my last thing I think before I’m going to sleep?

This cute text or chat can be a great idea to make him smile before he’s going to bed.

Along with those ten texts, your relationship will be sweeter than before. Send a cute text to send your boyfriend right now.

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